University of Michigan

  1. Fall 2005 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

  The topic of the workshop for this, the fourth year of  
   a regular series, is philosophical applications of linguistics.

  Attendance for those who are not faculty or registered
   students at the University of Michigan is by invitation only.

  Dates:   The workshop will be held October 28-30, 2005.

  Workshop Organizers:   Josh Brown <>
                                       Rich Thomason <>

  Local Participants: 
               Barbara Abbott
               Michael Allers
               Thony Gillies
               Jeff Heath
               Dustin Locke
               Peter Ludlow
               Ivan Mayerhofer               
               Matthew Pugsley
               Craige Roberts
               Tim Sundell
               Dustin Tucker

  Invited Participants: 
               Josh Dever                        Erin Eaker
               Michela Ippolito                Kent Johnson
               Hans Kamp                       Stefan Kaufmann
               Beth Levin                        Jeff Pelletier
               Mandy Simons
               Jason Stanley                    Kai von Fintel

 Program:   See  here for presented papers.
                   See  here for a time schedule.