University of Michigan

Fall 2004 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

   Information on Papers to be Presented
  at the Workshop   

       Presenter: Sigrid Beck, "A semantic explanation for intervention
       Beck's paper in Postscript Format 
       Beck's paper in PDF Format 
       Commentators: Bill Ladusaw, Craige Roberts.                

       Presenter: Pauline Jacobson, "Direct Compositionality: Is there any reason
          why not"?
       Jacobson's Paper in MS Word Format 
Jacobson's Paper in PDF Format 

       Commentators: Zoltan Szabo, Rich Thomason.                

       Presenter: Robert May, "Paderewski"
          (Co-authored with Robert Fiengo)
       May and Fiengo's paper 
       Commentators: Barbara Abbott, Jeff King.                

       Presenter: Paul Pietroski, "What Meanings Are Unlikely To Be
          (Given Autonomous Syntax)"
       Pietroski's paper 
       Commentators: Richard Larson and Andreas Colapinto, Rob Stainton.                

       Presenter: Tanya Reinhart, "Scope shift: an interface repair strategy"
       Reinhart's paper 
       Table of Contents of Reinhart's book 
       Commentators: Danny Fox, Tim Sundell.