University of Michigan

Fall 2003 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

   Final versions of all papers to be presented at the workshop
  are available at this location.

See  here for current time schedule.  

       Presenter: Nick Asher, "Foundations of discourse
         structure: Varieties of dynamic semantics with
         discourse structure" 
       Commentators: Matthew Stone, Rich Thomason 
       Asher's paper (Co-authored with Madison Wiilliams)

       Presenter: David Beaver "Have you noticed that
         your belly button lint colour is related to the colour
         of your clothing"
       Commentators: Barbara Abbott, Craige Roberts 
        Beaver's paper

       Presenter:  Herman Capellen "Context Shifting Arguments" 
       Commentators: Jason Stanley, Bruce Lacey 
        Capellen's paper

       Presenter: Michael Glanzberg "Felicity and presupposition
       Commentators: Peter Lasersohn, Gregory Ward 
        Glanzberg's paper

        Presenter:  Rob van der Sandt "Denials in discourse"
        Commentators:  Wayne Davis, Anthony Gillies Extended commentary by Wayne Davis
       van der Sandt's Paper (Co-authored with Emar Maier)