University of Michigan

Fall 2002 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

   Final versions of all papers to be presented at the workshop
  are available at this location.

See  here for current time schedule.  

       Presenter: Jim Higginbotham, "Some consequences of
       Commentators: Ernie Lepore, Paul Pietroski 
       Higginbotham's paper
        Expanded version of this paper

       Presenter:Michela Ippolito "Presupposition projection and
         the puzzle of subjunctive conditionals"
       Commentators: Jeffrey King, Zoltan Szabo 
        Ippolito's paper

       Presenter:  Chris Kennedy, "The grammar of vagueness" 
       Commentators: Delia Graff, Mark Richard 
        Kennedy's paper

       Presenter: Roger Schwarzschild, "Combining measure phrases
         with noun  phrases:  how syntax  constrains semantics" 
       Commentators: Peter Ludlow, Jeff Pelletier 
        Schwarzschild's paper

        Presenter:  Kai von Fintel, "If and when 'if'-clauses can restrict
        Commentators:  Mandy Simons, Barbara Abbott
       von Fintel's Paper (Co-authored with Sabine Iatridou)