University of Michigan

Fall 2002 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

  The topic of the workshop for this, the first year of what 
   we hope will be a regular series, is the semantics of 
   natural language.

  Attendance for those who are not faculty or registered
   students at the University of Michigan is by invitation only.

  Dates:   The workshop will be held November 8-10, 2002.

  Workshop Organizers:   Jason Stanley <>
                                       Rich Thomason <>

  Invited Participants: 
                Delia Graff                                 Paul Pietroski
               Jim Higginbotham                      Jeff Pelletier
                Michela Ippolito                         Mark Richard
               Chris Kennedy                             Roger Schwarzchild
                Jeffrey King                                  Mandy Simons
               Ernie Lepore                                 Zoltan Szabo
               Peter Ludlow                                Kai von Fintel

 Program:   Commentary by some participants on papers by
   some other participants.    See  here for currently available