Rich Thomason
Papers on Actions, Ability, and Dominance

  1. "Nondeterministic Action and Dominance: Foundations for Planning and Qualitative Decision."
  2.         Develops an action formalism in which certain counterfactual
            conditionals can be defined.  This enables a qualitative
            account of certain utility arguments.
            1996.  (Co-author, Jeff Horty.)

    Note: the published version of this paper contains errors. 

  3. "Defeasibly Successful Action."
  4.         In typical planning formalisms, the effects of actions
            are necessary. This paper discusses how to relax
            that assumption.

  5. "Ability, Action, and Context."
  6.         Discusses how to formalize the notion of ability in an 
            action formalism.
            Context'01 Workshop Version (2001).
            Common Sense'03 Version (2003).
            Working Version (2005).