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The name Time Machine has multiple meanings. Sailboat racing is all about finishing in the least amount of time. The sport of sailing brings out the youngster in the people who participate. Sailing is one of the oldest sports in existence with the first race happening the day two boats met out on the water. Racing sailboats make use of futuristic materials and electronics. The time commitment made by the skipper and crew is substantial, but very rewarding.
Time Machine, formerly known as Crisis Mode, was purchased from the Crisis Mode Syndicate at summer's end 1998. Her previous owners raced her on Lake Michigan and compiled a very impressive race record. As Crisis Mode, this boat was known as one of the fastest J/35s on Lake Michigan. The 1999 season was the first season for the Time Machine crew. Everything we did was a 'first'. The highlights were competing in the NCYC Champagne Series, theTYC/STC Millls race, the BYC Port Huron to Mackinac Race, and the GPYC Summer Regatta. The season was muted due to the lack of water in Lake Erie, which required us to berth at Toledo Yacht Club. The transit up and down the 8-mile shipping channel tested the resolve of the crew each time we went sailing.
Since then TIME MACHINE and her crew have participated in every Port Huron to Mac Race, most Mills Trophy races, North American Championships in 2001, 2003, 2005,2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012. Although we are away from our home club quite a bit, the TIME MACHINE crew love to take a mid-week break and sail in the NCYC mid-week series and many of the weekend events.
If you looking for a ride on a HOT boat, contact the skipper.
Time Machine is a J/35 racing sailboat. The J/35 was designed by Rodney Johnstone and fabricated at Tillotson-Pearson. The J/35 has been voted into the Sailboat Hall of Fame. Time Machine is Hull #134, which came out of the mold in May 1986. Read more about J-Boats at the J-Boat's Homepage. The J/35 class association has its own Homepage. Time Machine calls North Cape Yacht Club its home port. The skipper has served as a Bridge Officer since 2005 and will become Commodore in the 2016 Season. Read more about North Cape at the NCYC Homepage.

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