Technology scaling and architectural innovation have fueled the computing hardware industry for decades, which in turn has revolutionized many facets of our society. Unfortunately, poor voltage scaling and rising chip power density are becoming barriers to the continued success of technology scaling. Innovations in general purpose processing have started to taper off. The shift towards specialization is inevitable. As computing today is dominated by data-centric applications, there is a strong impetus for specialization for this important domain. This special topics course will discuss recent advances and new directions that are being pursued to design data-centric computing systems. The course will cover specialized hardware-software architectures which are targeted towards data-centric applications - such as data analytics, graph algorithms, automaton processing, machine learning, data-center workloads etc. The course curriculum includes review assignments, presentation assignments and a final project. The course objective is to empower students with higher order critical thinking, and get research experience with a well defined course project.


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