TC 5 (team): Project Progress Report

Due April 1, 2019
30 points
Little Toy Blue
1 Varsity Drive
Suite 1973
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

To: All Educational Toy Division Engineers
From: Nikola Tesla, Vice President for Innovation
Subject:   Educational toy project progress reports
Date: March 18, 2019


Following the successful oral presentations by our engineering teams, we have decided to have each team go forward with its prototype educational toy. To help us monitor project status, each team will submit a progress report halfway through the project. This report, which you will submit in memo format, will include all activities from project initiation to that date. It will also include future plans, and will depict your entire project plan in a Gantt chart. The purpose of this memo is to describe the details of your progress report.

Progress Report Details

The progress report (also known as the "status report" or "interim report") is an interim summary and evaluation of the project, aimed at management (in this case, the senior management of Little Toy Blue). In essence, you are trying to make the case that your project is on track. You do this by

Therefore, it will include the following content elements:

Important Note

This is a team assignment. Thus, you must work together, dividing up the work fairly, and each person on your team will receive the same grade on this report. Each person should sign the College of Engineering's Honor Pledge on the last page of the assignment. This step is essential because unsigned work cannot receive a grade. The Honor Pledge is: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment, nor have I concealed any violations of the Honor Code." For the purposes of a team report, substitute "we" for "I".

You should also include a table that includes each individual's name, lists the work he/she contributed to the assignment, and indicates the percentage of the total work this amounted to. Note that if anyone does not do his or her share of the work, it's a violation of the Honor Code to receive credit for the assignment--and it's a violation to allow that person to receive credit. If everyone puts in an honest effort, everyone wins.

Feel free to contact Dr. Hildinger or Dr. McCaffery with questions.

Submitting Your Work

One member from your team should submit your assignment as a PDF file to Canvas.