TC 4 (team): Proposal Presentation

Due: March 8 or 9, 2018 (during lab/discussion)
35 points
Little Toy Blue
1 Varsity Drive
Suite 1973
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

To: All Educational Toy Division Engineers
From: Nikola Tesla, Vice President for Innovation
Subject:   Team educational toy project proposals
Date: February 12, 2018


As you know, our company is interested in developing new educational toys. Each engineer has already written a preliminary proposal for a new toy. Next, you will consult with your project manager and team members to decide on the particular product your team will propose. Each team will then present a formal proposal to management on March 8 or 9, 2018. The purpose of this memo is to lay out the guidelines for this presentation.


You have been asked to propose a product and build a prototype of that product. The purpose of your proposal is to describe and justify your product idea, and to lay out how you plan to build your prototype. Refer to the January 24, 2018 memo for details.

Your proposal will be in the form of a slide presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF--no Google Docs) with projected slides in front of your colleagues and a team of evaluators. You must speak without written notes. Your team will have 12 minutes for your presentation, plus three minutes for questions and suggestions. Every team member should do a roughly equal part of the presentation. See below for guidelines for the presentation.

There will also be one required rehearsal for each team in the days preceding the presentation. We will start scheduling these soon. Each team should be prepared to deliver a preliminary version of their presentation at that time, and we will provide feedback and suggestions to make the actual presentation as successful as possible.

Your team should bring a laptop with VGA or HDMI output (as well as any necessary adapters) to show your presentation, both to the rehearsal and to the actual presentation. Let us know if this poses a problem for your team. Your team should also bring a paper copy of your slides for the evaluators (three-slides-per-page format is OK).

You can use the structure below as a starting point for structuring your presentation. We will be giving you more information on the format of the presentation and on how to deliver presentations.

Feel free to contact Dr. Hildinger or Dr. McCaffery with questions.

Submitting Your Work

Bring two hard copies of your slides with you to the presentation, which will take place during your lab and/or discussion. After your team presentation, one member of your team should submit your slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF) to Canvas.