TC 1 (individual): Introductory Diagnostic Essay

Due January 16, 2019
5 points
Little Toy Blue
1 Varsity Drive
Suite 1973
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

To: All New Hires
From: John von Neumann, Director of Personnel
Subject:   Staffing for new project
Date: January 9, 2019


Little Toy Blue is an engineering company started by several University of Michigan engineering graduates in 2006. Little Toy Blue specializes in designing and developing microprocessor-based toys: music synthesizers, interactive stuffed animals, video communicators, rhythm/music games, talking globes, interactive audio books, and similar products. Little Toy Blue recently opened a new division focusing on educational toys and is hiring new engineers for this division.

We are interested in the work you are doing with Professor Chen and believe the activities he has planned for the next few months will be excellent preparation for these products. Therefore, the memos, reports, and presentations you create this term will all be directed towards various departments within our company that are interested in tracking progress on this new line of products.

Your Task

Your first assignment is to introduce yourself to the Little Toy Blue personnel director in a short two or three-page letter. Little Toy Blue has hired you as a computer engineer who can potentially contribute to any of our projects, so focus on your background with computers and your goals for your engineering career. After reading your letter, the Little Toy Blue personnel director should have a good sense of your computer skills and experience, as well as your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm about engineering as a career.

Submitting Your Work

Written documents in this class will be submitted as PDF files (oral presentations will be submitted as PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF files). Submit your PDF file for this assignment to Canvas.