Professor P.-C. Ku
Electrical Engineering
1301 Beal Av/2245 EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
+1 (734) 764.7134

University of Michigan

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

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Research Projects

Gallium Nitride Optoelectronic Devices

  • Nanostructured Semipolar Light-Emitting Diodes

Students:  Michael Kuo
Project description coming soon.

  • InGaN Quantum Dot Devices and Single-Photon Emitters

Students:  Luke Lee
Project description coming soon.

  • Nitride Based Solar Cells

Students:  Brian Roberts and Michael Kuo
Project description coming soon.

  • High Efficiency Solid-State Lighting Based on LED-Waveguide Coupling

Students:  Chris Parmer
Project description coming soon.

Nano-Optoelectronic Devices

  • Nanoscale (Sub-Wavelength) Semiconductor Lasers

Students:  Min Kim
With metal interconnects being a bottleneck for integrated circuits in various aspects such as capacitance and speed, there has been much interest in replacing them with optical interconnects.  However, the integration of optoelectronic and electronic components require a coherent light source whose dimensions are comparable to each other.  Much attention has, therefore, been given recently to reducing the size of such light source to sub-wavelength dimensions.  In this project, we investigate nanoscale gain and optical cavity structures.

  • Supercontinuum Generation Using Compact TeO2 Waveguides

Students:  Luke Lee
Project description coming soon.

Nano Materials Synthesis, Processing, and Integration

  • Nanoscale Selective Area Epitaxy

Students:  Michael Kuo, Luke Lee, Richard Mo, Alan Oppenheim, and Kevin Kuo
Project description coming soon.

  • Nanolithography

Students:  Luke Lee, Kieren Chen, and Daniel Porto
Project description coming soon.