This site was created as any good computer science student's homepage should be created--with vi, of course! Each page has the same header and footer; this is accomplished through a series of small HTML files concatenated with the body HTML file. The date in the footer comes straight from the UNIX date program. All of the other file manipulations are performed by cat, head, and tail, encapsulated by the most beautiful program of all: GNU Make.

All of the beautiful formatting that you see (colors, the Verdana font, etc.) are performed via cascading style sheets. I attempted to generalize as much of the formatting as I could. Hopefully, someday, more web sites will be created that use the W3C standards, separating content from formatting.

If you're interested in making accessible, standards-conformant web sites, please visit I found it to be a great resource, not only for assuring standards compliance, but also as a reference for HTML and CSS.

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