The purpose of the review is two fold. One is to ensure that you have read the paper. Another is to gather a list of non-trivial observations/questions/insights that could be discussed in the class.

The review should be about a page in length. It should be uploaded through the CTools website. Each review is due at 6p on the day before the lecture for which the paper is assigned (e.g., if the paper is going to be discussed on a Monday lecture, the review is due 6p on the previous Sunday). Late reviews will not be accepted.

Each review should provide a short summary, strengths, weaknesses, and some comments. You comments should focus on your synthesized thoughts. It could be a combination of the following: (1) An interesting observation on some aspect of the paper. (2) Raise one or more question(s) that a cursory reader wouldn't have thought of. (3) Propose a new solution/idea/extension. (4) Just pick an aspect of the paper that you find it difficult to decipher, understand it, and explain it in your own words (the bar for the difficult of the problem should be high).