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Professor Michael FlynnWelcome to the Flynn Research Group website. The Flynn Research Group is a part of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Michigan.

"Our main interest is in analog and mixed-signal circuits, analog-to-digital conversion, and other interface circuits. These include high-speed serial transceivers, RF transceivers and sensors. Our main focus is on circuits that transfer information between the analog and digital domains."

News & Highlights


Prof. Michael Flynn Elected IEEE Fellow for Contributions to Analog-Digital Interfaces
- 12/08/2014
Prof. Michael Flynn has been elected IEEE Fellow, Class of 2015, for “contributions to analog-digital interfaces.” Prof. Flynn has achieved important breakthroughs in the performance and energy efficiency of analog-digital interfaces. His research has significantly impacted three primary areas: 1) analog to digital conversion; 2) the analog-digital interface in wired and wireless communication systems; and 3) applications to complete systems, particularly brain-machine interfaces.

Flynn Presents in IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecture Series At Georgia Tech, June 2014
- 06/24/2014
"New Tricks in Analog to Digital Conversion"

New N-path filtering VCO presented by Chunyang Zhai at VLSI Symposium 2014
- 06/01/2014
A novel self-filtering scheme breaks the typical tradeoff between noise and power, enabling a ring oscillator to approach the phase noise performance of an LC oscillator.

New ring amplifier pipeline ADC structure presented by Yong Lim at ISSCC 2014
- 02/20/2014
This work improves the power efficiency and practicality of the ring amplifier by introducing a new self-biasing scheme and by eliminating the comparators. The prototype ADC has a measured of SNDR, SNR and SFDR of 56.3dB (9.06b), 56.7dB and 67.6dB, respectively, for a Nyquist frequency input sampled at 100MS/s and consumes 2.46mW, which results in a Figure-of-Merit of 46.1fJ/conv-step.

Flynn becomes JSSC Editor-in-Chief
- 08/01/2013
Michael Flynn becomes Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits


Research Projects

Brain Prostheses

A complete receiver demo based on Michigan's flexible receiver IC.

Noise Shaping SAR ADCs

Hybrid SAR Pipeline ADC

Compressive Sensing

Hybrid Sigma-Delta Pipeline ADCs

End of the CMOS Scaling Roadmap ADCs

Low-Power Mostly-Digital Transmitters for Sensor Networks

Bandpass Sigma-Delta ADCs

Very Low Power Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) ADC in 90nm CMOS Technology

A Fully Integrated CMOS Receiver

Fully Integrated CMOS Super-Regenerative Radios

Remotely Powered Wireless Telemetry

20Gbps+ on Chip Data Links

Digitally Calibrated Moderate Resolution ADCs


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2417F EECS
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
Phone: 734-936-2966
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