Software: NEWTON

MEMS physical design synthesis software.

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NEWTON is a library-based CAD tool with an analytical synthesis engine which has been developed to support the direct synthesis of the physical design of RF-MEMS resonators based on process parameters and performance metrics. NEWTON provides accuracy comparable to finite element analysis while requiring a fraction of the computation and design time. Currently, NEWTON can synthesize clamped-clamped beam and free-free beam microresonators. The synthesized physical design is output in CIF and can be validated with a finite element simulator.

[PDF] Michael S. McCorquodale, James L. McCann, and Richard B. Brown, "Newton: A Library-Based Analytical Synthesis Tool for RF-MEMS Resonators," Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, Yokohama, Japan 2006.

[JPG] NEWTON in action synthesizing a 10MHz clamped-clamped beam microresonator. The application is platform independent and simply requires a local installation of Perl, Perl/Tk and Mathematica.

[GIF] Scanning electron micrograph of the fabricated clamped-clamped beam microresonator based on the synthesis output from NEWTON.