Diversions: Vacuum Tube Audio

Popular primers and articles on vacuum tube audio electronics.

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Introduction to Vacuum Tube Audio Electronics and Simulation

[HTML] Introduction to Vacuum Tube Audio Electronics
The basic principles of vacuum tube device operation are presented including the functional properties of common device topologies. This background is leveraged to casually analyze gain stages that are typically found in vacuum tube audio equipment. The summary is intended to prepare the reader for basic design and analysis of amplifier stages.

[HTML] Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Analysis and SPICE Simulation
A common cathode vacuum tube preamplifier stage is analyzed and simulated. The concept of a linear small-signal AC model for the vacuum tube triode is presented and employed for circuit analysis. Analytical calculations for preamplifier gain and bandwidth are derived and compared to simulation results in the spice3f5 environment where good agreement between the two is shown.