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Dr. McCorquodale is an independent expert consultant focusing on technology, product and market due diligence for technology businesses, semiconductor components and manufacturing, foundry selection, contract manufacturing, CAD/EDA, software, analog, RF, wireless power, MEMS, silicon timing, frequency control and electronics. Typical clients are VCs, PE firms, management consulting firms and law firms seeking expert reviews or witness services for IP litigation.

Dr. McCorquodale is also engaged in solving technical product development challenges, product-market placement including product definition, design and manufacturing challenges as well as the development of operating and financial plans for clients in the semiconductor and hardware spaces.

Short-term engagements can be sourced directly or via the GLG Research, Coleman Research, CognoLink, Guidepoint Global and DeMatteo Monness platforms. Dr. McCorquodale is an experienced and endorsed council member with all five firms. Long-term engagements can be sourced directly.

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