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Building Macintosh JES

The Macintosh distribution of JES is built using the program Jar Bundler. It comes with the developer tools for Mac OS X. There are several components that need to be included in the Bundle:

Updating existing App:

The easiest way to update the Macintosh version of JES is to modify the existing application. Simply add any modified sources to the directory Java .class files and Jython .py files can be added to the directory and will be used next time the application is launched.

Build Information

If you want to change the way the application runs or starts up, tou need to rebuild the App package.

After Starting Jar Bundler, the first screen you'll see is the Build Information pane. This includes the general information about building the APP. Just fill out the information to match the screen shot below.
Uploaded Image: JB1.jpg

On the Classpath and Files tab, you need to add all the source files for the application. The classpaths will automatically be updated to reflect added files and jar archives. The files are:
Uploaded Image: JB2.jpg

On the last pane, Properties, simply fill out the information to match the screen below (unless you want to change something).
Uploaded Image: JB3.jpg

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