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Building Windows JES

Upgrading Sources

The Windows distribution of JES is essentially a Source Distribution with an exe file instead of a script. In most cases, the update can be done by replacing the source code in the distribution with the new versions.
Simply replace the old ones with the new ones, and the next time JES starts up it will use the new ones.

Generating Executables

If you want to change a way the program runs, you just have to generate the exe files. This is most easily done with a program called NativeJ available from To build JES executables, just start a new project in NativeJ

With version 2.1.5, you must specify the included JRE to be used by the NativeJ-generated executable.

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Below are the instructions for version 2.0.0:

Note: When you build the exe, you must build a graphical and console version. The graphical version doesn't run on pre-Win2000 machines, and the users must launch JES from the console versions.
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