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JES Jython Sources

The jython sources for JES can be found in this zip file:
Current as of 6/1/2004

JES Jython Classes:

Html_BrowserA HTML document viewer with navigation capabilities
JESAboutThe about window for JES
JESActionThe action class for storing and recalling command line history
JESAddressFinderGets turnin email information from a definitions website
JESCommandHistoryStores and recalls command line history
JESCommandWindowThe pane that holds the command area
JESCommandWindowDocumentThe document embedded in the command area
JESConstantsConstants file for JES
JESDBVariableWatcherMontiors flagged variable for the JES Debugger
JESDebuggerThe debugger for jython code running in JES
JESDebugWindowThe UI for the JES Debugger
JESEditorThe editor window class for JES
JESEditorDocumentThe document embedded in the Editor window
JESExceptionRecordDetailed information about any exceptions thrown by running code
JESHomeworkSubmissionClass containing all the information and implementation of homework submissions
JESHomeworkTurninRunnableCode to be run after a homework submission
JESHomeworkTurninThreadThread that uploads or emails the homework submissiosn
JESInterpreterA jython interpreter running in JES
JESIntroductionThe welcome screen for the software. Only seen the first time JES is run
JESPreprocessingCollects information about the environment before all of JES is loaded
JESPrintableDocumentEnables printing of the currently open document in the editor
JESProgramThe main program file. Loads the JES software
JESRunnableA runnable object which update the command window, displaying the new results from the execution of the user's code.
JESShowVarsFilterFilters environment variables for syntax highlighting
JESStdOutputBufferEnables programs to print to the command area during execution
JESTabnannyTries to give better error messages due to incorrect indentation
JESThreadThread to run programs and maintain responsiveness
JESUIThe Interface class for JES
JESUpdateRunnableEnables the use of printNow statements in programs running in JES
JESURLFinderGets turnin upload information from a definitions website
mediaMultimedia API. Essentially wrappers around the Java Media Classes.

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