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What's new in JES 3.0

Check out the new video!! jes-3demo.avi (DivX codec: 4 MB), or jes3-demo-wmv.avi (WMV codec: 6MB)

Here are the highlights for people who don't want to watch the video:

Uploaded Image: test-0017.xwd.jpg
Side pane debugging!

Uploaded Image: test-0042.xwd.jpg
Documentation as you type! (more info when you click the button!)

Uploaded Image: test-0068.xwd.jpg
Collage helper functions!

Uploaded Image: test-0098.xwd.jpg
JES Function list that activates documentation when you make your selection!

Uploaded Image: test-0118.xwd.jpg
Turtles like LOGO!

Uploaded Image: test-0167.xwd.jpg
Movie maker from images!

Uploaded Image: test-0188.xwd.jpg

Uploaded Image: test-0208.xwd.jpg
Request input from the user!

Uploaded Image: test-0212.xwd.jpg
Popup messages to the user!

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