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current TODO list for JES

|Top priority|
A- make sure all of the movie functions work properly. Fix their
documentation, which seems to still mention quicktime compatability. We're
not supporting that anymore, are we? ...

A- is there online help for everything? getColor, getPixel? ...

--- cutoff point for before semester starts ---
A- Fix up the Turtle interface, look at those cs1316 notes to determine
which ones need to be exposed. getTurtleDistance? turtleTurnToFace? Do we
need to add some more? ...

A- When JES runs out of memory, it just poofs out of existence. (we decided
this is okay for now? ...)

A- turnin option; think about making the turnin code modular so that you
can use different methods to get the assignments there.

A- write online help docs for duplicatePicture

|Medium Priority|
A- Jim Gruen thinks we should use Jython 2.2 instead of 2.1; maybe try this
out at some point? ... maybe let's wait 'til it's at least beta?

A- think about supporting WebWork/WebCT/Sakai for doing turnin. Make, in
   effect, a more pluggable turnin mechanism.

A- Alex needs to look at the solutions manual and start crackin' on that.

A- add more unit tests

A- Code runs in the Interactions Pane that won't run if the Watcher is
open.  How weird is that! (is this reproducible? Can we find out more about
it? ...)

A- make it so you can show turtles on a Picture. (do we really want to do
that? Isn't that what worlds are for?)

|Low Priority|

?- optional: look at the Cpython version of mediacomp software, find an
   off-by-one error. It doesn't display the last row/column thing. Look at
   the mediacomp-teach mailing list.

A- yellow text doesn't scale like the other text does.

A- make sure the windows version distribution is smaller.

A- svn source repository: ready to go!!
T- find out what's changed exactly in the 1315 version, versus the 216. We
  think 216 is generally newer than the cs1315 and we're going to run with
T- add barb's java classes
T- add that autosave option thinget.
T- fix up the error messages
T- work in the World/Turtle classes from cs1316.
A- Made build scripts more cross-platform. Also streamlined the number of
   jars hanging around.
AT- Fix to work with more code pushed down into the Java layer.
A- Interface tweaks.
A- move autoSaveOnRun and autoOpenDoc into JESProgram and make them save in
   the config file. Also for wrapPixelValues.
T- What about integrating FrameSequence? I think I did this sort of
T- fix the sound tool that got broken during java class update
T- fix the sound unit tests
T- fix's error handling
T- add simple input/output interface
T- added copyInto / duplicateImage
T- added documentation for turtles, copyinto, input and output interface
T- fix broken unit tests
T- recreate the bug list at
T- every exposed function i could find that should be documented in is,
   however I don't know if there are any bugs, those will need to be reported
A- Fixed a bug in SimplePicture that made writePictureTo usually break!
A- fixed a bug with the block-boxes ("indentation help") getting redrawn
   and changed the option relating to that.
A- added python interfaces for Turtles
A- fixed, updated, and documented the shape-drawing functions for Pictures.
T - remove the word "API" from the interface and the documentation.
T- do a clim/slime-style one-liner information mode to put documentation
for the function you're currently typing pop up, like at the bottom of the
T- For the sidebar, make that be one of three states: hidden, showing the
watcher, or showing the help window. We don't need to make the help be a
separate window.
T- move sound stuff to java land
A- push all the "add shapes" functions down into the Java for Picture. Make
sure that the ones used often in the book are also available through the
Python as "global functions" -- and only those. Don't clutter up
T- Preference to change the look 'n' feel?
T- make a page on mediacomp-Plan for JES 3.0 ... a "what can you do" page.
A- remove all of Barb's classes that we don't need, incl-esp the subclasses
of Turtle, so the students can subclass things for themselves! Things
removed are: ArraySorter Cartoon ColorSquares ComicPanel ComicStrip
ConfusedTurtle Deer DrunkenTurtle Geometry Greeter HourlyWorker
NumberGuessGame Searcher SlowTurtle SpeechBalloon Student Test TextBalloon
ThoughtBalloon TurtleTest Wolf
A- Flop the sense of the "hide indentation help" box
A- remove the edit->options option for api help
A- definitely make the Mac version today.
A- when you click a "help" button on the menu, the window layout should
  switch to "help".
A- moved the skins options into the Options Window, made them save in the
   Config file.
T- do the FrameSequencer
A- fix splash screen
T- make it, on the sound code, error out when you get an out-of-bounds
(alexr adjusts the error messages)
T- talk to NativeJ tech support. (no NativeJ!!)
T- .exe file
A- figure out what to do about splash screens.
A- First, make it so you can turn off the turnin option.
A- make the bug report thing post to apropos swiki form (append) 
A- make a turtle functions help file!
A- when you try to open a file that doesn't exist it dies (is that true?
... it doesn't seem true.)

A- Make sure that everything is in fact available as dotnotation. Match
parameter ordering from the book.

A- When a turtle drops a picture on a world and you repaint, it turns the
world black? Are worlds supposed to repaint at all? Yes, they're supposed
to repaint, and this only seems to happen on the Macintosh. Why is that?

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