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index to USB materials from AP CS A 2009

ACM Materials - brochures for computing careers
Alice_3_ppt - slides from the Duke Alice Symposium workshop on Alice 3.0

Alice - materials that go with the Alice book and workshops on Alice 2.2
MediaComp - materials that go with the Java Media Computation book like bookClassesFinal and the map to the AP subset
Alice-MC - materials for the merged Alice and Java Media Computation book
give your students a copy of intro-prog-java
Software - Alice, DrJava and Java software
Agenda_MC - the agenda from the Duke Media Computation 2 day event

CollegeBoard - materials from the College Board on the CS AP A exam
CubeExercise - a problem solving example you can use in class
ExampleMaterial - lots of example code ideas for CS AP A - goes with the slides in the Slides folder
FreeResponse - all the free response questions from 2004-2009 with answers and most with examples
GridWorld - the GridWorld code plus extensions and Barb's materials
KindergartenIdeas - stories and movies to use to teach CS concepts
NiftyAssignments - ideas for assignments from SIGCSE
RolePlay - ideas for role plays for the first day and on GridWorld
Slides - Slides to use in AP CS A on object-oriented programming, creating Breakout in Greenfoot, exam info, recursion, ArrayList versus arrays, how to use DrJava and much more.

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