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Items shared by teachers AP CS A 2009

Live mesh is a program to synchronize your computing devices. You have storage on their mesh (up to 5 Gig for free). See There are versions for Macs and Windows.

Physics simulator applets to show sound waves and drops of water - also developing chemistry applets

Applets to show sorting

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook
Computer Programmer
Computer Scientist and Database Admin
Software Engineer

Flash animations provided with the book Intro to Programming in Java from Lawrenceville Press
Free software Jeliot - that shows the execution of a program visually
Use role play to have students execute a program by calling methods and passing arguments.

Use Greenfoot to create subclasses such as Spider and SpiderWeb and add that to the ant scenario and have the spiders eat the ants. You can get Greenfoot from

They can also create the game Yahtzee (see

After the AP exam you can let them create things and also work together to create things and teach others.
They can create a paint program. They can modify scenarios in Greenfoot.

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