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Additional Teacher Work for Alice Workshop Sept 2007

Please upload your work here. You can do this by clicking attach above. If it asks you
for a userid use teacher and the password is ice. Find the work on your machine using the Browse
button and then click Upload. Then e-mail Barbara Ericson for her to review it. All work
must be approved by Oct 22nd in order for you to get your 1 PLU of credit.

Documents after revision by Barb Ericson
Henry Laws.1-rev.doc
Carol Davies-rev.doc
Alice for Frances Walters-rev.doc
Alice _PintuThaker_2-rev.doc
Roy Black Quiz 1-rev.rtf
S. McCall Quiz for Alice Tutorial-rev.doc

Put your work under your name. Please don't delete any text when you edit this page.
Carol Davies.doc
Henry Laws.doc
Alice _PintuThaker_2.doc
Alice for Frances Walters.doc
Deborah Kelleher.doc
Did you bring food dkelleher.a2w
Sodano - Alice Intro and Quizzes.doc
Edith Brothers Alice Computer Timeline History Project.doc
Roy Black Alilce Lesson Plan.rtf
Roy Black Quiz 1.rtf
Jo Ray Van Vliet Alice Club.doc
Sodano - Alice Intro and Quizzes_1.doc
S. McCall Quiz for Alice Tutorial.doc
Alice activities.doc
mhesse_Alice activities.doc
Deborah Kelleher-rev.docx
waters simple alice project.doc

Deborah Kelleher rev with pic.doc

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