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Teachers that Registered for Int Prog 2007

We had a total of 24 teachers attend this workshop.

We had 22 public school teachers register but 2 didn't show:
1. Mr. Jon Johnson, McIntosh High School, Fayette,, attended, credit
2. Mrs. Trudy Greenway, Appling County High School, Appling County,, attended, credit
3. Mrs. Alison Lamb, Appling County High School, Appling County,, attended, credit
4. Mr. Michael Cohen, Benjamin E. Mays High, Atlanta Public Schools,, attended, credit
5. Ms. Carole Black, Oconee County High School, Oconee County,, attended, credit
6. Mrs. Joy Coker, Whitfield County Career Academy, Whitfield County Schools,, attended, credit
7. Miss Jeannie Ray, Marietta High School, Marietta City Schools,, attended, credit
8. Mr. Michael Shallow, Chattahoochee High School, Fulton County Schools,, attended, credit
9. Mr. Raymond L. Parsons, Grayson High School, Gwinnet County Public School,, attended, credit
10. Mr. Daniel Starks, Hardaway High, Muscogee County,, attended, credit
11. Mr. Walter Henry,Carver High School,MCSD,, attended, credit
12. Mr. James O'Connor,South Forsyth High School,Forsyth County,, attended, credit
13. Mrs. Tanya Dwellingham,Grady High School,Atlanta Public Schools,, attended, no credit
15. Mr. Jeffrey Jackson, Kennesaw Mountain High School, Cobb County,, attended, credit
16. Ms. Melanie Sanders,Lassiter High School,Cobb,, attended, no credit
17. Mr. Robby Blakemore,McEachern High School,Cobb County School,, attended, credit
18. Mr. Keith Gilliam,Stephenson High School,Dekalb County,, no show, no credit
19. Ms. Frances Walters,Columbia High School,Dekalb County Schools,, attended, credit
20. Mr. Carl Rothe,Campbell high School,Cobb County,, attended, credit
21. Mrs. Karen D. Zayance, Woodstock High School, Cherokee,, attended, credit
22. Mrs. Johnna Spires, Northside High School, Houston County,, attended, credit

Keith Gilliam and Shannon Miller didn't show

We also had 1 private school teacher:
1. Ms. Mary Reynolds, The Westminster Schools,

We also had 3 out of state teachers:
1. Mr. Damian Baraty, The Community School of Naples, (Florida)
2. Mr. Eric Totten, Saltus Grammar School, (Bermuda)
3. Mr. Robert L. (Bob) Vawter, Collierville High School, (Tenn)

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