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AP Preparation Workshop March 24th 2007

Teacher material created for extra 3 hours:
Sample Syllabi
Other Work

Materials used in the workshop:
GridWorld Case Study.ppt

The Institute for Computing Education is proud to host an AP workshop on Saturday March 24th 2007 from 9:00am to 4:30pm at Georgia Tech. Teachers who complete the workshop and an additional 3 hours of activities after the workshop will receive 1 PLU. The workshop will be in room 1456 of the Klaus Advanced Computing Building (not the College of Computing!). To get to the Klaus building from the College of Computing Building go to the right of the usual entrance and down the stairs. The Klaus building is down the hill from the College of Computing Building. It has 2 halves. Walk straight from the stairs and enter on the right side. You can park in the State Street Visitor lot at the corner of State and Ferst. This
lot is usually free on Saturdays. Directions to the Klaus building are at

The workshop is free for Georgia teachers (both public and private) and cost $150 for out of state teachers. Lunch is included on Saturday. We need to have at least 12 public school teachers registered in order to hold the workshop. We are not paying stipends for this workshop!

Due to a grant from the National Science Foundation we can cover hotel, meal, and parking for Georgia teachers who live greater than 30 miles from Georgia Tech for Friday night. You will be staying 2 teachers to a room unless you wish to pay the additional cost of a private room.

The CS-AP exam includes new features from Java 1.5 in 2007. This workshop will give teachers a hands-on introduction to these new features as well as ideas for exercises. Also new this year is an audit process which requires teachers to submit a sample syllabus that includes the new case study for 2008. We will have a hands-on introduction to the new case study and review sample syllabi and forms. We will also review sample exam questions which include the new features in Java 1.5.

To register send e-mail to Barbara Ericson ( Please let me know if you need a hotel room.

Registered Teachers:
  1. Lynda Brown,, attended, done with extra work
  2. Ria Galanos,, attended, done with extra work
  3. Dr. Mohamad A. Hindawi,, Tucker HS, DeKalb (no show - car broken into)
  4. Eddie F. Roberts, Lakeside HS, DeKalb (no show)
  5. Steven C. Thedford,, Redan HS, DeKalb 2-3 students for AP Bowl, attended, done with extra work
  6. Michael Dickens,, Harrison High School, Cobb, attended
  7. Hurley, Ruth (can't make the 31st), needs private hotel room (sharing with husband), attended
  8. Jones, Cristal,, 4 students for AP bowl (no for 31st) (only morning)
  9. Vicki Tarleton,, Evans High School, no hotel, attended, done with extra work
  10. Rick Buice, (private school), attended, done with extra work
  11. Jason Smith, (private school) (cancelled)
  12. Crowe, Susan E, attended, done with extra work
  13. Susan Mistretta,, attended
  14. Larry Wilkes, (needs hotel), attended
  15. Dr. Massie McAdoo,, Lakeside HS, DeKalb (cancelled)
  16. Ray, Janean,, attended, done with extra work
  17. Jennifer Warren, Greater Atlanta Christian School,, attended, done with extra work

Students who can help:

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