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Using Text, Games, and GUIs to Teach Java April 17-18 2006

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The Insitute for Computing Education (ICE) at the Georgia Insitute of Technology will host a 2 day Programming and Systems Management workshop April 17-18, 2006, at Georgia Tech's College of Computing. The workshop will run from 5pm-9pm on Monday, April 17th and again from 8am-2pm on Tuesday, April 18th at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. We will provide lunch on Tues April 18th.

The workshop is free for public school teachers and cost $150 for private school teachers.
We need to have at least 12 public school teachers registered in order to hold the workshop. You don't have to register on GVSDC. Due to a grant from the Toyota Foundation we will be able to cover hotel and meal costs for public school teachers from outside of the Atlanta area. We will also cover lunch on Tues for all teachers. We are also able to offer a $200 stipend to the first 20 public school teachers who register and attend the entire workshop.

This workshop will use text, games, and graphical user interfaces to teach programming concepts in Java including input/output and exceptions. You do need Java experience to attend this workshop!

Teachers can edit this page to add their name at the bottom or e-mail to register. Teachers who attend the entire workshop will receive 1 PLU. You do not need to register on GVSDC.

The closest parking is at the State Street Visitors Lot (between State and Atlantic on Ferst). This lot charges a maximum of $8.00 a day. Directions to the College of Computing Building are at

Registered Public School Teachers

  1. Michelle Venable-Foster, South Gwinnett High School,
  2. Hsi Chang, Alpharetta High School,
  3. Kym Johnson, Ringgold High School, (sharing a room)
  4. Jennifer Uboh, South Cobb High School, (needs a room)
  5. Hilaire Anelone, Atlanta Public Schools, (no show)
  6. Jason Naile, Parkview High School,
  7. Johnnie Sue Moore, Jasper County High School, (sharing a room)
  8. Emily Osburne, Lassiter High School,
  9. Emily McNeeley, North Springs High School, (sick on Tues)
  10. Gary Liu, Tri-Cities High School,
  11. Ola Ogunfiditimi, Lithonia High School,
  12. Leovan Vera, North Springs H.S, (no show)
  13. Janet Blouin, Brookwood High School,
  14. Gwendolyn Johnson, Shaw High School,

Registered Private School Teachers
Dana Graham, The Lovett School,

Can't make it
Debby Arnold-Curran, Butler High School,

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