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Prog and Sys Man Review Sept 12-13 2005 Attendees

  1. Thomas M Butler, Rockdale County High School, AP
  2. Hsi C Chang, Alpharetta High School, Algebra, Geometry, And Precal
  3. Susan L Dreschel, Cherokee High School, Business
  4. Courtney J Johnson, Tucker Middle School, Business Education
  5. Emily M Mcneeley, North Springs High School, Business
  6. Shawn M Merchant, Meadow Creek High School, Visual Basic
  7. Laverne F Moss, Norcross High School, Business Education
  8. Emily M Osburne, Lassiter, Ap Computer Science
  9. Donna M Robinson, Milton High School, Business
  10. Larry Wilkes, North Cobb High School, Computer Science
  11. Joseph A Willard, Kendrick High School, Information Technology

Carol Horner, Wesleyan School, AP CS

Doris L Good, Cross Creek High School, Business Education

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