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Understanding Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Polymorphism Nov14th 2005

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The Institute for Computing Education at Georgia Tech is providing a 4 hour workshop, "Understanding Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Polymorphism" on Monday Nov 14th 2005. This workshop
will be held from 5:00pm - 9:00pm on Monday Oct 10th 2005 in room 107 of the
College of Computing at Georgia Tech.

There will be no fee for this workshop. Teachers will not get a continuing
education credit for attending the workshop. Both private and public school teachers
are welcome to attend.

This workshop will offer ideas on how to teach your students about inheritance, abstract classes, intherfaces,
and polymorphism. It will include sample slides, exercises, projects, and classes that you can use in your classroom.

The closest parking is at the State Street Visitors Lot (between State and Atlantic on Ferst). This lot charges a maximum of $8.00 a day. Directions to the College of Computing Building are at

For more information contact Barbara Ericson ericson (at)

Mr. David Chang
Ms. Michelle Foster
Dr. Doris Good
Ms. Anne Horowitz
Ms. Ria Galanos
Ms. Carol Horner
Mr. Larry Wilkes

Mr. David Chang
Ms. Anne Horowitz
Ms. Ria Galanos
Mr. Larry Wilkes

Exercises on Inheritance-11-05.doc
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