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Directions to the Clough Undergraduate Building from Visitor Area 5

To get to Visitor parking area 5, head west on 10th St NW and turn left on State Street. Turn left into the Visitor Area 5 Parking deck shown below, just south of 10th. Take a parking ticket. You will pay when you exit with a credit card.


Exit the parking deck using the south east corner exit and walk south on Atlantic Drive. It is a pedestrian walkway. Walk towards Ferst Drive. This part is uphill.

Cross Ferst Drive and continue on Atlantic Drive. It is still a pedestrian walkway. Walk past several buildings to the bottom of the hill. The tech green will be in front of you.

Turn left at the end of the large pedestrian walkway (Atlantic Drive) and walk straight toward the Clough Undergraduate Building. It will be on the right.

See the campus map at

The Clough Undergraduate Building address is
266 4th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

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