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Registration List for May 28-31, 2013 - Getting started with Java

  1. Timothy Gant, Lithonia High School,
  2. Hibisca Liaw, Wesleyan School,, 0 time missed
  3. Stacy Byous, Collins Hill High School,, 3 hours 7 min missed
  4. Suzanne Manahan, Kennesaw Mountain High School,,1 hour missed
  5. Emily Desprez, Berkmar High School,
  6. Jose Helena, Shiloh High School,
  7. Marcus Sudderth, GIVE Center East,, 0 time missed
  8. Trevan Moore, Berkmar High School,, 15 min missed
  9. Forrest Johnston, Chapel Hill High School,
  10. Edward Bujak, Hope Charter School,
  11. Leah dee Kilgore, Berkmar High School,, 0 time missed

  1. Gita Phelps
  2. Velmarea Cager
  3. Angela Bateman
  4. Germel Byrd
  5. Valeria Bentley
  6. Doris Stewart
  7. Zen McGill

No Shows:
  1. Imotep Brooks
  2. Doris Stewart
  3. Mary Williams-Ervin

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