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Attendance for Dec 3, 2011 App Inventor

We had a total of 18 people attend. 2 were from Operation Reboot (11%) pre-service. 5 teachers were from the region (27%) and 2 were from a different region in the state (11%)
  1. Karen Zayance, Woodstock High School, Cherokee County
  2. Jennifer Warren, Greater Atlanta Christian School, Gwinnett County
  3. Jeff Beinke, Sequoyah High School, Cherokee County, credit
  4. Roger Jacobson, Shaw High School, Muscogee County,
  5. Steven Thedford, DeKalb Online Academy (left early)
  6. Walter Pawlowski, Creekland Middle School, Cherokee County
  7. Stephanie McCall, Northview High School
  8. Ean McHugh Sonnier, Winder-Barrow High School, Barrow County
  9. Virginia Sheppard, Centennial Place Elem, Fulton
  10. Lynda Brown, Pope High School
  11. Karen Berry Searls, Centennial Place Elem, Fulton
  12. Julie Wade, Putnam County High School, Putnam County
  13. Darryl McCune II, I-3 Experience After School Program
  14. Alexandra Vlachakis, Sandy Creek High School, Fayette County
  15. Gail Chapman, Luella High School (left early)
  16. Yu (Gary) Liu, Tri-Cities High School (left early) (Operation Reboot co-teacher)

Operation Reboot
  1. William Brown, Tri-Cities High School (came late)
  2. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson High School

No Show
  1. Deepa Muralidhar, North Gwinnett High School
  2. Michael Reilly, Lanier High School
  3. Larry Wilkes, Etowah High School
  4. Tabitha Cown, Grayson High School
  5. Dana Johnson, Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy
  6. Zen McGill, Spencer High School
  7. Renee Smith, Grayson High

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