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Directions to the Molecular Science and Engineering Building

The Molecular Science and Engineering (MS&E) Building is Building 167 on the campus map at the address is:

901 Atlantic Dr
Atlanta, GA 30332

The best visitor parking is the State Street Visitor Lot at the end of State Street
and Ferst Drive. It is free on the weekends. It charges $1.00 an hour now in advance. It does take credit cards.

If you park there, walk to the intersection of Ferst Drive and Atlantic Drive.

Cross the street and followed the angled sidewalk the goes between the two buildings and into the Biotechnology Quad.

Follow the sidewalk to enter the Bioechnology Quad (pictured below).

Once you enter the quad, continue to the far right side. Take a left and continue north towards the railed walkway.

Continue walking on the railed walkway. You will pass Seattle's Best coffee shop. This sidewalk leads to the front door of the MS&E Building.

This is the Molecular Science and Engineering (MS&E) Building.

Once you enter the MS&E Building, you may use the eleveator or stairs to reach the ground floor. Signs will lead you to the location of classrooms G011 and G021.

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