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Dec 7th, 2010 Cool Computing Day - high schools

We had about 190 high school students and their teachers attend Cool Computing on Dec 7th, 2010.
Dec 7, 2010 Cool Computing Pictures

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8:30AM- 1PM, with sign-in being 8:30am-9am.

Student Center Ballroom (350 Ferst Dr NW Atlanta, Georgia 30318)

8:30-9:00AM - Sign-in/Surveys
9:00-9:30AM - Opening talk from Cedric Stallworth
9:30-9:40AM - Break
9:40-10:40AM - First session
10:40-10:50AM - Break
10:50-11:50AM - Second session
11:50AM -12:00PM - Break
12:00-12:30PM - Lunch
12:30-1:00PM - Closing talk by Ellen Witte Zegura, Professor and Chair, School of Computer Science

Schools attending :
  1. Northview High School, Hal Brickle,, 40 students, 2 teachers
  2. Towers High School,, 25 students
  3. Greater Atlanta Christian School,, 25 students
  4. Central High School,, 25 students
  5. North Cobb High School, Pam Shattles,, 30 students
  6. Alexander High School,Stephanie Pendley,, 25 students
  7. Southwest DeKalb High School, Marian Hesse,, 25 students, 2 teachers;;;;;;

Professor Panel
Moderator: Barb Ericson, Director, Computing Outreach
Each person will speak for aprox. 15 minutes, then allow 5 minutes for questions.

First Session - 9:40-10:40AM
9:40-10AM: Arriaga, Rosa (
10-10:20AM: Dimond, Jill (
10:20-10:40AM: Riedl, Mark (

Second Session - 10:50-11:50AM
10:50-11:10AM: Best, Michael (
11:10-11:30AM: Rossignac, Jarek (
11:30- 11:50AM: Abowd, Gregory (

Student Panel
Moderator: Jennifer Whitlow, Program Coordinator for Enrollment
First Session - 9:40-10:40AM
  1. Michelle Bjornas
  2. Corey Campbell
  3. Andres Guzman
  4. Candace Mitchell
  5. Naomi Robert
  6. Hannah Yu
Second Session - 10:50-11:50AM
  1. Michelle Bjornas
  2. Corey Campbell
  3. Jon Kosh
  4. Candace Mitchell
  5. Naomi Robert
  6. Hannah Yu

Corporate Panel
Moderator: Cedric Stallworth, Assistant Dean, Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Community

First and Second Sessions
1. Jerry Kirby
Lockheed Martin University Relations
Campus Recruiting Representative

2. Eric Ayers
Software Developer

3. Mike Sewell
Union Pacific
Project Engineer with the Decision Technologies Group

Tours of Campus will be held after the event.
  1. Alexander High School - Tour Guide: Sravya Kotte
  2. Greater Atlanta Christian School - has to be on the bus by 1:45PM - Tour Guide: Jon Kosh
  3. Southwest DeKalb High School - Tour Guide: Nikea Davis
  4. North Cobb High School - Tour Guide: Naomi Robert
  5. Central High School - Tour Guide: Corey Campbell

Registration for Dec 7, 2010 Cool Computing Day

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