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How to Run a Summer Camp - Content

Evaluation: Pre and Post Surveys to be used the first day (pre) and last day (post) of the camps
workshops _long form_ elem school pre 10-13-08.pdf
workshops _long form_ elem school post 10-13-08.pdf
workshops _long form_ middle school pre 10-13-08.pdf
workshops _long form_ midle school post 10-13-08.pdf
workshops _long form_ high school pre 10-13-08.pdf
workshops _long form_ high school post 10-13-08.pdf

Girl Scout Contacts:
These are the people to contact about running computing workshops with the Girl Scouts in Georgia.
Girl Scout Council of Greater Atlanta: Lissa Snowdon,
Girl Scout Council of Historic Georgia: Betsy Connell,
For more information on our Girl Scout computing workshops see

Scratch Websites:
Main website
My page on resources for Scratch

PicoCricket Websites:
Main Website
My page on resources for PicoCrickets
(this includes the parts list for the PicoCricket kits, the supplies list, and a link to PicoCricket activities you can do with LEGO NXT robots)

Alice Websites:
Main website
Materials for the Learning to Program With Alice book
Materials for the merged Alice and Media Computation book
My page on resources for Alice

Python Media Computation Website:
Download the development environment from
The Python book website is
A zip file with the slides from 2004 can be downloaded from
Slides from 2006 can be downloaded from

LEGO NXT information:
Kristie Brown is the LEGO Education Rep:

All of the following can be found on the LEGO Education web site You can type
the code in the search book to get to the item right away.
Mindstorms Education Value Pack - W991414 (a set of 10 robot kits and a site license for the software)
Mindstorms Education Base Set - W979797 (one robot kit and no software)
Mindsotrms Homeschool Pack - W979917 (one robot kit and software)
Mayan Adventure Book - W991341 (good middle school book with 6 challenges based on the context of a Mayan temple)
Mayan Adventure Parts Pack - W991378815 (just the extra parts needed for the Mayan adventure book)
Classroom activities for the Busy Teacher - W991455 (10 weeks of lessons and an easy to build robot)
Data Logging Activities for the Busy Teacher - W991601 (ways to use the sensors to gather data)
Engineering Curriculum Volume II - W991283 (a CD with enginneering curriculum on it. It has plans for building 3 robots including a dog)

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