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Teachers who attended Alice March 20009

  1. Gail Chapman, Henry County, Luella High, attended,
  2. Gloria Clemons, Dougherty County School System, Albany Middle School, attended,credit
  3. John Donahue, Lamar co, Lamar County High, attended,
  4. Joe Finkelstein, Bibb County, Howard High School, attended, credit
  5. Lisa M Head, Walton County, Walnut Grove High, attenced, credit
  6. Bryan Karl Hicks, Walton County, Loganville High, attended, credit
  7. Darlene Hughes, Gwinnett Co, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, attended
  8. Beverly A McGuire, DeKalb Co, Dunwoody High School, attended, credit
  9. Shannon Miller, DeKalb Co,Miller Grove High School, attended
  10. Edmond Millere, attended, Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville High School, credit
  11. Bruce Nicol, Cobb Co, Osborne High School,attended, credit
  12. Stephanie W. Pendley, Douglas, Alexander High School, attended, credit
  13. Pamela Shattles, Cobb Co., North Cobb High, attended, credit
  14. Leslie Smart, Douglas Co., Alexander High School, attended
  15. Teresa Smith, Loganville High School, Walton Co, attended, credit
  16. Carla Thornton, Cherokee Co, Cherokee High School, attended, credit
  17. Jennifer Turner, Walton Co, attended, Loganville High School, credit
  18. Rex Milford Wallace, Jackson Co., Jackson Co Comprehensive High School & East Jackson Co. Comprehensive High School, attended,

Out of State
Sandra Whiting, South Carolina, Shannon Forest Christian School, attended

Registered but did not attend:
Pintu Thaker, Gwinnett, Meadowcreek High School

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