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AP Bowl, April 18, 2009

We had 50 students participate in the AP Bowl. We gave away nearly $1,800 in i-Pods, GPS, Digital Photo Frames, and Waterproof cameras.

The winners were:


1st 33 correct, Jeff Dube of Centennial High School, I-Pod touch
2nd 31 correct, Fredric Merel of Kennesaw Mountain High School, I-Pod touch
3rd 30 correct, Peter Deng of Wheeler High School, I-Pod nano
3rd 30 correct, Michael Jones of George Walton High School, GPS


1st 39 correct, William Clark, Centennial High School, I-Pod Nano
2nd 36 correct, Tobias Maramba, George Walton High School, digtial camera
2nd 36 correct, Blaise Hymel, Centennial High School, digital picture frame
3rd 35 correct, Brad Jones, North Cobb Christian, waterproff digital camera
3rd 35 correct, Venkat Goli, Wheeler, GPS
3rd 35 correct, Dave Bhanmik, Centennial High School, digital picture frame

ICE will be holding an AP bowl Saturday April 18th from 3pm - 5pm at Georgia Tech (Klaus 2443, 2447, and 2456). The teacher's focus group will be held in Klaus 2443. The AP bowl is when students come to Georgia Tech and take a sample multiple choice exam (40 questions) to help prepare for the CS AP exam. In previous years we used the Personal Response System (it looks like a remote control) but this year we may do a paper exam or on-line exam.

We will have giveaways for at least the top 3 in each exam. We will probably give out more items for the A exam since we have more students taking that exam. Last year we gave out Best Buy gift cards, but this year we have been told that we can't do that. So, we are thinking about things like I-Pod Touch, Rock Band, etc.

We got the most votes for April 18th at 3pm.

Barbara Fox, North Cobb Christian School, 4 students for the A exam,
Latrice S. Wicker, Wheeler, 4 students for AB exam,
Kyle Justice, Whitefield Academy, I have 5 A students and 1 AB student,
Beth Zullo - Kell HS, 5 students for A,
Stephanie Meyer, Kennesaw Mountain High School, 1 AB, 4 A,
Vedagiri Ramkumar for A exam from the Georgia Virtual High School,
Ali Ahmed for A exam from the Dekalb Online Academy,
Jennifer Warren, 3 for A, Greater Atlanta Christian School,
Linda McDaniel, 9 A students,
James O'Connor, South Forsyth High School, There are 6 CS-A and 2 CS-AB students,
Heather McGuire, 2 students A exam, Pebblebrook,
Abe Ghebru, 4-5 A exam, St. Pius X Catholic High School,
Richard Gesick, Walton HS, 5-6 for A and 4-5 for AB,
Mary Reynolds, 2 for A and 1 for AB, The Westminster Schools, maryr@Westminster.Net
Ria Galanos, Centennial High School, 4 students for A Exam,

Kate - canceled due to pleo test
Vinutha (has to leave at 5:30)

April 4th
Barbara Fox
Linda McDaniel

April 11th
Steven Thedford
Kyle Justice (can't make 4th)

April 18th (3pm)
Ken Lee
Richard Gesick
Sandra Whiting
Mrs. Crystal L. Furman
Beth A. Zullo
Kyle Justice
Barbara Fox
James O'Connor
Latrice Wicker
Linda McDaniel

Last year we had 37 students from 9 schools take the A exam and 9 students from 4 schools take the AB. We gave out gift cards to Best Buy for the top 3 scores on each exam.

We also offered a tour of campus. I will try to have a talk about admissions for parents to attend during the exam.

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