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Directions to Drew Charter Middle School

1: Start out going NORTH on ATLANTIC DR NW toward FERST DR NW. 0.4 mi
2: Turn RIGHT onto 10TH ST NW. 0.4 mi
3: Merge onto I-75 S/I-85 S/GA-401 S/GA-403 S. 1.4 mi
4: Take the GA-10 E/FREEDOM PKWY exit, EXIT 248C, toward CARTER CENTER. 0.7 mi
5: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto FREEDOM PKWY NE/GA-10 E. 0.2 mi
6: Turn RIGHT onto BOULEVARD NE. 1.0 mi
7: Turn LEFT onto MEMORIAL DR SE/GA-154. 3.1 mi
8: Turn RIGHT onto E LAKE BLVD SE. 0.2 mi Map Avoid
9: End at 301 E Lake Blvd SE Atlanta, GA 30317-3152