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Lesson 1 - Getting to know GridWorld

GridWorld - Lesson 1

Instructions: Break the students into teams of 3 and have them answer the following questions. They will each have a "huge" sticky notepad that they will write their answers. Call the time and have each team place their large sticky note on the wall. Go around room and have teams explain their answers question-by-question. Come up as whole with common answer - everyone agree? Move on to next question. Keep score for accuracy. Team with most questions correct, wins the prize you have chosen!

1. In which direction does a Bug always move?

2. Under what circumstances might the Bug be unable to move?

3. When Step is clicked, what happens when the Bug is unable to move?

4. When a Bug moves, what will occupy the cell that it just vacated?

5. How many objects can occupy a Grid cell simultaneously?

6. Can a Rock object be moved? If so, what method would move it?

7. What method sets a new direction for the Bug?

8. Are the Rock objects as displayed, graphically symmetrical in shape?

9. Based on your answer in #7, would it make visual sense for it to be possible to set a direction for a Rock object? Why?

10. Does a Flower object move with each Step? If so, where? If not, is it possible to move a Flower object?

11. What does a Bug do when it tries to move and it encounters the edge of the grid or a Rock?

12. What happens when a Bug encounters a Flower?

13. What happens when a Rock is moved on top of a Bug?

14. To change the direction of a Bug to west, what parameter would you send to the setDirection method?

15. What would happen when, instead of turning, an attempt is made to move a Bug outside the Grid?

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