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Agenda for RoboCup Jr 2008

9:00am Introductions and pre surveys
9:15am Do CS Unplugged Activity - binary numbers
9:30am Start building the robot base
10:30am Start with the robot educator common palette challenges 1-7 and then program the robot to get through courses outlined in blue painters tape on the floor
12-1pm Lunch break and take pictures of each students
1:00pm Watch a movie from RoboCup Jr. dance competition and rescue
1:30pm Challenge the kids to create a 20 second dance. Do challenges 8 and 9 to see how to create a loop and a MyBlock. The dance should have loops and MyBlocks in it. Use the MyBlock to name a series of moves and then reuse the MyBlock in the dance.
2:45pm Ask for questions from the day

9:00am Do CS Unplugged Activity - error detection and correction card trick
9:15am Review questions from the previous day and computing concepts: sequential execution, loops, decomposition (breaking down a problem into steps) and composition (naming a series of steps as a MyBlock).
9:45am Add sensors to the robot and do challenges 12-20 with the sensors. Ask the kids to write a program that doesn't start till they clap (using the sound sensor). Ask the kids to write a program that has a robot try to escape the room but it must avoid crashing into anything (using the ultrasonic sensor).
12-12:30 lunch break
12:30pm Ask the kids to program the robot to follow a black line. If they can do that try to identify (stop and make a sound) when it "sees" a green "victim". Add obstacles and gaps in the line.
2:45pm Gather questions from the day

9:00am Do CS Unplugged Activity
9:15am Review questions from previous day and computing concepts - conditionals and variables
9:45am Ask the students to pick dance or rescue and plan out what they want to do.
12-12:30pm lunch break
recreation in the afternoon

9:00am Do CS Unplugged Activity
9:15am Review quesitons from previous day and learning goals
9:45am Students can work on their dance, rescue, or build another robot (such as the dog from CMU Eng II curriculum)
12-12:30 lunch break
12:30 Continue work on dance and/or rescue
2:45 Ask for questions from the day

9:00am Do CS Unplugged Activity
9:15am Review Questions from previous day
9:45am Work on dance and/or rescue
12-12:30pm lunch break
12:30pm Show movie on CS careers - Un of Wash Video or ICompute
1:00pm Do post surveys
1:30pm Do group picture
2:00pm parent show and competition (let the parents vote on their favorite dance) give out certificates and t-shirts and brochures

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