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Girls and Women in computing that are doing/or did interesting things

Girls in CS
Ashley Qualls age 17 built a million dollar web site

Juliette Brindak 19 Built a tween web site

Martina Butler, 17, Creator and host of a podcast website and Channel Z.E.N

Women in CS at Companies

Why women have the advantage in technology and should consider technical fields

Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products and User Experience, Google

Fran Allen, Turning Award Winner and IBM Fellow

Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder and CTO One Laptop Per Child

Karen Sparck Jones: Great accomplishments in Natural Language Processing
and Information Retrieval:

Beatrice Helen Worsley: Possibly the first woman to earn a doctorate in
Computer Science, and Canada's first female Computer Scientist. She worked
on the EDSAC, writing one of its first programming languages.

Rosalind Picard: Is credited with starting the entire field of Affective Computing:

Cynthia Breazeal: One of the pioneers of social robotics, and built the world's first social robot (Kismet):

Women in CS at Universities

The Spelbots: An all female African American Team from Spellman College in Atlanta that does robot competitions

Dame Wendy Hall the President of the ACM

Manuela Veloso, Intelligent robots

Andrea Thomaz - robots that can interact and learn from people

Teaching deaf kids sign language
Helene Brashear
Valerie Henderson-Summet

Dr Robin Murphy - search and rescue robots

Ayanna Howard - robots that can navigate on Mars

Leah Buechley - wearable LED displays (tank top, bracelet)

Regina Barzilay - natural language processing

Martha Gray - MRI tools to detect and prevent cartilage degeneration

Lorrie Cranor - privacy, security, voting

Dannie Durand - computational molecular biology and computational genomics

Roberta Klatzky - navigation aids for the blind

Jennifer Mankoff - Leveraging social networking to reduce individuals' ecological footprints,

Shafi Goldwasser - cryptography, complexity theory, and number theory.

Deborah Estrin - embedded networked sensing, wireless sensing

Early Women in CS

Barbara Liskov - first woman to earn a PhD in CS in the U.S. and a Turning Award Winner

Irene Greif - first female PhD in CS from MIT

Evelyn Boyd Granville - African American women with a PhD in math who taught math and computer science and worked on the Apollo program

Dead Now:

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper - early programmer and developer of the first compiler

Anita Borg - Worked at many computer companies including Xerox PARC and created the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference

Ada Lovelace - Wrote the first computer program even before there were computers!

The Harvard Computers - Women hired to be "computers" to do astronomical calculations.

Top Secret Rosies - Women hired to be "computers" during World War II

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