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Resources for LEGO Robots

The LEGO Mindstorms Web Site

Way to create LEGO building instructions

Ideas for using LEGO parts to make robotic faces.

PicoCricket type ideas for LEGO robots

Mayan Adventure Book - we have tried some of these challenges out with the Girl Scouts

4 hour Workshop ideas for LEGO NXT

Lots of building ideas

Programming the NXT in Python

Programming the NXT in Visual Basic

LEGO southeast web site

CS1 and CS2 materials for LEGO robots

Instructions for building a clock and a sound bot (dj).

Books with building instructions and challenge ideas

A wiki about NXT robotics and especially our school’s robotics program at the web address below. If anyone would like to contribute or share ideas about what they are doing with their classes, that would be wonderful.

Materials from Kristie Brown the LEGO Education Rep

Material for FIRST LEGO League

Instructions for building and programming a robot that plays music using the light sensor and color foam strips.

Play Note.rbt

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