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AP Bowl 2008

A exam: 37 students from 9 schools:

Centennial HS, Chattahoochee HS, Kell HS, North Cobb HS, Roswell HS, St. Pius X, Walton HS, Westminster HS, Whitefield Academy

1st Place: Joseph Hickey, 31 correct answers, St. Pius X
2nd Place: Jeff Dube, 29 correct answers, Centennial HS
3rd Place: Chad Steward, 28 correct answers, North Cobb HS

AB exam: 9 students from 4 schools:

GA Virtual High School, Kell HS, Walton HS, Wheeler HS

1st Place: Ge Zhang, 37 correct answers, Walton HS
2nd Place: David Ferretti, 32 correct answers, Kell HS
2nd Place: Nathaniel Fan, 32 correct answers, Walton HS
3rd Place: Venkat Goli, 31 correct answers, Wheeler HS

The AP Bowl will allow students to take a practice AP CS exam using a Personal Response System (looks
like a remote control). We will display a question using Powerpoint and the students will answer
using the PRS. We will give prizes for at least the top 3 scores in both A and AB.

It will be on Saturday April 19th. The event will be held in rooms 16 and 17 in the College of Computing Building. Registration will begin at 9:30am. The exams
will begin at 10:00am and go till 12:00pm. We will provide lunch.

After the exam we will have demos of CS research, tours of campus, a student panel, and a talk on what
it takes to get into Georgia Tech.

We will have two rooms. One for the A exam and one for the AB exam. Tim, Pranali, and Kate helped out.

Michael Shallow + 10 students, (CONFIRMED: 2 parents, 2 students, and Michael), Chattahoochee HS
Ria Galanos (or designee) + 17 A students (hopefully more),, Only if on April 19 (CONFIRMED: 25 people), Centennial HS
Mary Reynolds 3 kids for A exam on April 19, MaryReynolds@Westminster.Net (CONFIRMED: 0 parents, 2 students, and Mary), Westminster
Kyle Justice,, 3-7 A students April 12 or 19th (CONFIRMED: 0 parents, 6 students, and Kyle), Whitefield
Abe Ghebru,, 4 A students April 19th (CONFIRMED: 4 students, 2 parents, and Abe) St. Pius Catholic HS
Richard Gesick,, Walton High School, 5 for AP A and 5 for AP AB. (CONFIRMED 6AB, 6A Students, and Richard)
Liz Parrish,, 6 or more for A exam (CONFIRMED: 5 students, 1 parents, and Elizabeth) Campbell High School
Larry Wilkes,, +/-7 students, (CONFIRMED: 9 A students, and Lary). North Cobb High School
Beth A. Zullo,, Kell High School, 4 for A and 3 for AB (CONFIRMED: 4 parents, 6 Students, and Beth)
Latrice Wicker, Wheeler High School,, 3 AB and 2 maybe AB (CONFIRMED: 2 parents, 5 students, and Beth)., Wheeler HS
Derrick Baines AP A - Virtual High School,

Alice Comp
Pintu Thaker,, Meadowcreek High School, 4 kids

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