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Directions to Klaus 1116E

The Klaus Advanced Computing Building is Building 153 on the campus map at the address is:

266 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30332

The closest visitor parking is the State Street Visitor Lot at the end of State Street
and Ferst Drive. It charges $0.75 every 30 minutes up to a maximum of $8.00 a day. It is
usually free on Saturdays. We will give you parking passes to use for this lot.

If you park there head east to Atlantic Drive and head South just past the College of Computing
Building shown in the picture below.
Turn left just past the College of Computing building and head down the stairs
and across the courtyard to the north side of Klaus and enter through the doors on your left (the south facing) doors.
southDoors.jpg | entry.jpg

The room 1116E is a straight from the doors and a bit to your right.

If you are coming from a hotel or from parking at the Georgia Tech Hotel the building will look like this:
Go up the stairs and to the glass doors on your right and enter through the glass doors that face south. This will
open into the atrium (see above).

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