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CS AP Case Study and Test Prep Workshop Jan 26, 2008

The website for trying small Java problems on-line including recursion
The website for taking an example AP CS A or AB exam
The webstie for adding new questions is
Websites for the GridWorld Case Study:
GridWorld Case Study.ppt

Free response questions (and solutions) from the Marine Biology Case Study rewritten for GridWorld by Brenda Hartmann

Agenda for Jan 26, 2008 Case Study and Exam Prep Workshop

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) will hold a one-day workshop on the Computer Science Advanced Placement
Case Study and Test Preparation on Saturday Jan 26 from 9:00am - 4:30pm. This workshop will cover the new case study introduced this year: GridWorld. We will do role-playing, hands-on programming, extensions to the case study, and sample exam questions. This workshop will take place in room 1446 in the Klaus building.

You must have Java experience to take this workshop!

This workshop will be held at the Georgia Institute for Technology (Georgia Tech)
in Atlanta, Georgia. Teachers who complete the workshop and an additional 3 hours of activities after the workshop will receive 1 PLU.

The workshop is free for Georgia teachers (both public and private) and cost $150 for out of state teachers. Lunch is included on Saturday. We need to have at least 12 public school teachers registered in order to hold the workshop.

Due to a grant from the National Science Foundation we can cover hotel, meal, and parking for Georgia teachers who live greater than 30 miles from Georgia Tech for Friday night. You will be staying 2 teachers to a room unless you wish to pay the additional cost of a private room.

To register send e-mail to Felicia Auzla Let her know if you need a hotel room for Friday night and if you have any meal restrictions.

Registered Teachers: 15 attended

  1. Jennifer Warren, Greater Atlanta Christian School,, no hotel, no food restrictions, prefers Feb 9, attended
  2. Jada Brown, Chamblee Charter High School,, Jan 26, no show
  3. Tanya Dwellingham, Grady High School,, no food restrictions, Jan 26, no show (son injured)
  4. Mary Reynolds, The Westminster Schools,, no hotel, no food restrictions, Jan 26 or Feb 9th, attended
  5. Ray Parsons, Grayson High School,, no hotel, no food restrictions, Can make Jan 26th or Feb 9th, leaving at 12, attended, completed 3 hours of extra work
  6. Michael Shallow,, no hotel, no food restrictions, alternative date Feb 9th or Jan 26, left early
  7. Crystal Furman,, Brookwood High School, either alternative date is fine, attended
  8. Larry Wilkes,, Cobb High School, attended
  9. Richard Gesick,, Walton High School, no hotel, no food restrictions, Jan 26 is better, attended
  10. Ria Galanos,, either date, attended
  11. Tom Butler,, Can make Jan 26th or Feb 9th, attended
  12. Robby Blakemore,, Jan 26th or Feb 9th, no show (sick)
  13. Abe Ghebru, private Jan 26th, attended
  14. Mike Reilly,, no show
  15. Michael S. Dickens,, Harrison High School, either Jan 26 or Feb 9th, attended
  16. Jeff Jackson,, Jan. 26, attended
  17. Frances Walters, FrancesWalters@ColumbiaHighSchool.Org, Jan 26, attended
  18. Oceana Bryant,, no hotel, veg. meal, attended, did 3 hours of extra work
  19. Michelle Venable-Foster,, no hotel, no food restrictions, no show (sick)
  20. Elizabeth Parrish,, no hotel, no food restrictions, attended

Not sure if can make Jan 26
Dr. Rex Wallace,, Jackson County Comprehensive High School, Feb 9th
Totten, Eric,, private, outside Georgia, only Feb 9th
Rick Buice,, Darlington High School(private), no hotel, no food restrictions, Feb. 9th

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