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Teacher Submissions for LEGO NXT Workshop Oct 2007

Please upload your work here. You can do this by clicking attach above. If it asks you
for a userid use teacher and the password is ice. Find the work on your machine using the Browse
button and then click Upload. Then e-mail Barbara Ericson for her to review it. All work
must be approved by Nov 13th in order for you to get your 1 PLU of credit.

Put your work under your name. Please don't delete any text when you edit this page.

Cricket Car lesson for Tech Class.doc
Basic Robotics Introduction.doc
Basic Robotics Introduction - Student Handout.doc
Cryptology lesson plan.doc
RoboCup Junior powerpoint- Gail C.ppt
Jo Ray Van Vliet
Jo Ray Van Vliet
Iíve also started a wiki about NXT robotics and especially our schoolís robotics program at the web address below. If anyone would like to contribute or share ideas about what they are doing with their classes, that would be wonderful.

Pacerobonotes wiki.doc
Robotics Introduction NXT Robots.doc
Linda McDaniel
Lesson Plans for a nine week robotics course.docx
Design Challenges.docx
Lego Projects.docx
North Clayton High School TSA.doc

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