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Intro a Girl to Engineering Feb 16 2008

This event will be on Saturday Feb 16th, 2008 in the student center. We plan to do PicoCrickets and LEGO NXT robots for 20 girls at a time.

2008 IAG will be in the Student Center 3rd Floor again, same as last year. Activities begin at 10:15am and run til 12:00pm. The rooms will be available for setup starting at 9:00am.

1) I think it would be best if we had 2 rooms of the size that we had last year, or perhaps one bigger than the one we had and one about the same size. I think we only had 5 laptops last year and 5 robots and that was crowded.
2) We will bring 20 laptops (10 for robots and 10 for crickets). We will bring 10 robots and 10 cricket kits. We will pair up
the girls into groups of 2-3.
3) It would be best if we had electricity. I believe that you had power strips for us last year.
4) One hour is fine for setup.
5) Last year the volunteers helped with the line of girls waiting. We could always use more volunteers to help.
6) I would like to make copies of our summer camps and girl scout workshop and perhaps a career brouchure.

Kate, Pranali, Willie, and Carolina can help (need at least 4)


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