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Checklist for AP Teachers

1) get Java 1.5 or 1.6 installed! (jdk not just jre, check c:/Program Files/Java/)
2) Do the audit and follow up until approved (contact if no response in 2 weeks)
3) Pick an IDE anb test it (set up classpath for GridWorld)
4) Pick one or more books and order them
5) Read the Teachers Guide (on your CD)
6) Create a login on and join the Electronic Dis Group (listserv)
7) Make sure students have login and space to save to and make sure it is their home directory
8) Do the multiple choice and free reponse questions from old exams
9) Do the Sun Java Tutorial (
10) Order your line chazer car
11) Read How my Dog Learned Polymorphism at
12) Buy toys for your toy box (garage sales, hobby lobby, goodwill)
13) Pick up old phone books and pill containers
14) Join CSTA (free at and ACM / SIGCSE (not free)

Get the Instructional Planning Report for CS to see how your students did
and what subjects they need help on.

Get AP Potential data (from PSAT report) and recruit for CS AP (send a letter home, have a parent night) talk to individual girls and minorities and ask them to recruit their friends.

After 3 years of teaching AP CS apply to become a Reader.
After 3 years of being an AP Reader apply to become an endorsed consultant.

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